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Boss RC 50 Looper Demo

Boss RC 50 Demo Looper How to loop using the Boss RC 50. Using different Phrases (Tracks) and tempo adjustment. Using Fender Stratocaster (Fat Strat) Line 6 Pod X3 Live.

How to setup an RC50 loop station for live performance

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Here's a video of the setting I use when performing with a Boss RC50 loop station. You can check out my other RC50 video's to see the loop station settings in action.

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ME-RC50 Remote Control - Basic Functions - Magnum Energy - Ep. 1

Enjoy convenient finger-tip operation for the ME-RC50 remote control from Magnum Energy. Learn how the three primary functions of the ME-RC50 Inverter/Charger Remote Control work.

1. Charger Standby Button
2. Inverter On/Off Button
3. Shore Power Input Button

Easily communicate with the inverter to operate and monitor the inverter and charger from a remote location, hence the product name "Magnum Energy Remote Control."

Enjoy convenient finger-tip operation the ME-RC remote control provides.

If you need help walking you through the setup or to diagnose the issue over the phone, call Inverter Service Center at 615-285-0611. Or buy online today! Click here: https://goo.gl/Z8qLsq

This is the first in a mini-series of our short educational videos on Magnum Energy Remote Controls. If you liked this video and are interested in seeing more instructional content, please subscribe to our Technical Channel. Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/UcqqnN




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