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The links are all in order:)


Do go show some love to these small businesses!

For business or inquiry:

Covid isn’t over! Don’t be a Karen and wear a mask, if a person with health issues can do it, you can too!

packing orders for my shop after a shop update

suppliers ✨
glassine bags:
flat mailers:
business cards:
freebie stickers:
stickers: cannot share :(
6 hole punch and tissue paper are from amazon!

check out this link ☞
to get informed on a lot of the things that are happening in the world right now! There are also helpful ways you can help!!!

this pandemic is not over!
please don't stop wearing masks
please don't stop social distancing
please don't stop washing your hands properly
please don't stop being careful!

check out this link☞
to learn about what is going on in yemen and how you can help!

check out this link ☞
to learn ways on how you could help
(this link is organized with tons of info on petitions, donations, etc etc and gets updated)

if you are unable to donate please watch this video ☞\u0026t=115s
this video has a ton of ads so please do not skip the ads and make sure you have your ad blocker off! all the ad revenue made from this video will be donated to different organizations.

please stay safe guys ❤️ ily all


my shop ☁️

editing and film.
Final Cut Pro X
Canon g7x
iPhone X

* I do not own any of this music!
Support these amazing artists! *
vietra - imsoalone

vietra - sunset

Music by Gil Wanders - Welcome Back -

vietra- lonely

Music by Eric Reprid - Don't Worry -

Blushes - Dj Quads
Soundcloud :
Music Playlist by

Music by frumhere, kevatta - warm feeling -

Music by Peter Fenn - Okay -

Jazz Music_ Milk Coffee

vietra - you

✄ frq’s
how old are you?
☞ 16! (sep 26 2003)
what bujo do you use?
☞ 6 ring binder: 10x10
what is your ethnicity?
☞ korean (born in america)

business only

thank you xoxo,
justine chang

*not sponsored.




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